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Asaff's Hearing Journey
Fully Integrated by 1st Grade
Assaf Ben Hemo is 3.5 years old and was diagnosed as hearing impaired from birth. He came to Beit Micha at 5 months of age.

When Assafi first came to Beit Micha, his mother didn’t think he’d ever speak, but now he can! His confidence has grown and he learns new sounds everyday.

He has a ways to go but he’ll speak like a hearing person very soon.
Ongoing and Past Initiatives
Funds raised by The Children of Israel Foundation help:
- Provide children in Israel the care they desperately need (hearing devices, education, therapy and food)
- Strengthen families in time of trial and despair and during Aliyah
- Assist vulnerable Israelis, including youth-at-risk, new immigrants and terror victims
And much more. Explore our projects below to learn more about the programs and activities we support...

The Kim & Marianne Taylor Park was established in Baka neighborhood. Dr. Taylor has been integral in preparing the way for better healthcare and community programs that assist all the children of Israel regardless of their origin or religious beliefs. We appreciate your continued support so we can impact for good the lives of many of God’s convenant children.
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