The Children of Israel Foundation
Give Them
Ears to Hear
500 children have never
heard the shofar blow
Deaf Children have never heard their mother's voice
Blind Children have never seen a sunrise or sunset
Children battle with mental or physical disabilities
You can be the miracle they're waiting for...
The deaf will hear, the blind will see & the lame will walk!
"Even If My Ears Don't Hear Very Well, My Heart Hears Perfectly! - Ella Manor, Alumni
Who are the Children of Israel?       
The mission of The Children of Israel Foundation is to bless the lives of children in need within Israel, regardless of race, religion, color or creed.

We support projects that provide tangible relief from physical, emotional, and mental suffering. We act upon the words of the prophet Isaiah to provide hearing to the deaf, sight to the blind, and strength to the weak.

We do this through programs that provide assistance to children who are blind or deaf, children with autism, children with physical and mental disabilities, children from disadvantaged homes, and children who are hungry.

When you give to The Children of Israel Foundation, you are giving hope and healing to a child, a family, and to Israel.

Your love and assistance will answer their prayers, wipe away their tears, and heal them. You can give them a brighter future filled with light and love. God promises that whoever blesses Israel, He will bless. As you bless these children, you will be blessed in return.
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